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Tuck your valuables inside the protective BORSAbag Leather handbag protected by BORSAbag There are three types of BORSAbags The waterproof BORSABag can protect your camera BORSAbag quickly expands into a water resistant shopping bag to protect your laptop


The self-storing BAG-in-a-bag design has an elastic closure or a 3-sided zipper. It is easily attached to a purse strap or briefcase handle. BORSAbag unfolds from its outer pouch and inverts to a large protective bag to cover and protect your valuables.


To purchase any BORSAbag directly from this site, simply pick your style, color, and quantity and check out securely.

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"During my commute to work, I used to use a plastic bag to wrap my briefcase when I rode my bicycle on a rainy day. The plastic bag tore easily, and I wanted to get a more durable bag. After receiving BORSAbag, I was able to keep my briefcase and reports dry and secure." —Satoshi K., Japan