How It Works

The BORSAbag™ is compactly packaged, comparable in size to a wallet. An elastic drawstring or permanently-secured clip makes it easy to attach the BORSAbag to a purse strap or belt loop, ensuring the BORSAbag is always within easy reach.The BORSAbag unfolds in seconds from the small pouch. It is unique in design; the large protective bag is inverted to cover your object, keeping the small pouch and the object to be covered from exposure to moisture, dirt and germs. Tuck your valuables inside the protective BORSAbag to keep them secure.

You can toss the BORSAbag on your shoulder for carrying, or place it on the floor or other surfaces for germ- and moisture-free safekeeping.

After use, the BORSAbag can be quickly inverted and stuffed back into its holding pouch for future use.

To clean after using: If your BORSAbag has an 18-carat gold-layered chain, it must be removed before washing. Pull the large, inner bag out of its pouch, invert to expose the dirty side and throw it in the washing machine on cold-water wash; line dry.


Diane Piper, president and designer of BORSAbag, demonstrates how to use one in this video.

BORSAbag is a small, compact pouch

Small, compact pouch

Protective bag halfway out of pouch

Protective bag halfway out of pouch

Protect from wet and unsanitary environments