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BORSAbag Review

What the Heck Is A BORSAbag?

What the heck is a BORSAbag?

Support Made in America + Give a Second Chance to Someone

American-Made-Logo By supporting BORSAbag, you also support our American manufacturer Integrated Textile Solutions, which in turn supports UNICOR.  Where it’s made Matters.  Support Made in America and Give a Second Chance to Someone.




American Manufacturing. Integrity at Its Best With modern factories, nationwide, a proven history and a diverse range of production capabilities and expertise, we represent American manufacturing you can count on to proudly support the ‘Made in USA’ label. U. S. Locations U. S. Labor Force U. S. Manufacturing Excellence Together We’re Stronger Tired of offshore supply chains… logistics challenges and hidden charges… climbing transportation, freight, and fuel costs… communications challenges? We can help! Reshore with us and bring jobs back home! Our Door is Wide Open! The Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2012 opens the door for: Private Sector Collaboration Keeping America Working Growing the U. S. Economy Helping Transform Thousands of Lives Along the Way to Achieving Reentry Success! a UNICOR inmate employee Our reshoring initiative includes commercial products and services that are currently, or would otherwise be, manufactured or assembled outside the United States. Every effort is made to ensure that our inmate work force does not displace valued workers in the community, and actually complements the U. S. private sector workforce. Tangible Results Our “American Made” label means we comply with U. S. best practices, environmental mandates, industrial performance standards, OSHA requirements, and the most rigorous military specifications, as required. Domestic manufacturing provides other benefits as well, including the agility to mobilize and collaborate without long transoceanic flights, time zone differences, as well as cultural and communication challenges. Learn more! Request a copy of Bringing Jobs Home: Investing in America or contact us to discuss your opportunities.

The Complete Gift Guide for Construction Workers

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be scrambling to figure out what to buy your loved one for the holiday.

Whether your love is out in the field, doing custom installations, filling out an estimate, working with construction management software inside, or negotiating new agreements, these gifts are great.

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Promote Your Business

Are you interested in promoting your business?
Would you like to give a gift bearing your company’s name?
Looking for a fund-raising product that is made in the U.S.A.?
Check out BORSAbag, a unique, self-storing, water resistant BAG-in-a-bag.
Get It Wet and Dirty; Store It Clean and Dry®

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RED borsa-ad usa(1) copy

The Stats Are In for “In The Bag” Annual Fundraiser for the American Red Cross

“In The Bag”, Annual Fundraiser for the

American Red Cross, reaches $100,000 Goal



On October the 16th, the In The Bag Steering Committee Women, held their 6th annual silent auction of designer purses benefitting The American Red Cross of the National Capital Region. One of the most distinguished philanthropic events in the metropolitan area, and certainly the place to be if handbags are one of your must-have accessories.

The main focus of the luncheon was a wonderful and dizzying array of handbags. This year the categories offered an astounding collection of purses categorized as Iconic, C-suite, Individualist, Michael Kors and Avant-Garde. The silent auction of these purses brought in an amazing $42,000.

It is impossible to forget the Chanel bag offered as the ICON Raffle purse or the stunning and highly coveted Fendi Trois-Jour leather handbag donated for the Red Bag Raffle. Tickets for these two special purse raffles brought another $8,000.

The incredible raffle packages offered a heart thumping chance to indulge in 17 restaurant dinners, flight simulator on the F-22, or a cruise on the Potomac followed by a Nationals baseball game. The generosity of businesses and individuals who donated these raffle packages ultimately raised $14,200 for the American Red Cross.

Brenda Blisk and the Steering Committee want to extend their thanks to you especially, our primary supporters. This annual charitable event would not be possible without your continued interest and commitment to making it a successful, ongoing fundraising effort to benefit families in need throughout our community. We are thrilled to let you know In the Bag once more netted $100,000. This could not have been achieved without your handbag donations, in-a-flash purchase of raffle tickets and eagerness to bid for one – maybe two or three – special bags you just had to take home!

Thank you for being there to support us and, most especially, extending your support to the American Red Cross.

To learn more about this annual event, visit www.redcrosspurses.com

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Are you getting ready for Valentine’s Day? It will be here before you know it.

Keep in mind that your Valentine surprise can be kept secretly in a BORSAbag. BORSAbag will not only hide your secret, it will keep it clean and dry. And, for years ahead, it will keep your personal items clean and dry. BORSAbag has a secret of its own…’always, inside out’.


Great Travel Companion

When on travel, secure BORSAbag to your carry-on luggage.  Before placing luggage in the overhead compartment, remove BORSAbag and put your handbag, computer, novel, anything you want to retrieve easily inside the BORSAbag; place at your feet.

You might also want to put your coat/hat inside a BORSAbag before placing them in the overhead compartment.

Keep your personal items clean and organized.BORSAbag-ad-300x300(3) copy 2

Published in Made Here in America

BORSAbag is now listed in Made Here in America. 

Check it out:  http://www.madehereinamerica.com/Pages/Handbags.aspx