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“BORSAbag was a lifesaver! I was on a pontoon boat and it was ‘wetter’ than I wanted it to be for my purse and camera bag. I remembered that I put my BORSAbag in my purse — pulled it out and put my things inside and it kept all of my stuff safe & dry. Thank You!”

—Lisa T.

“Last weekend was my annual team trail run.  I used BORSAbag to stuff my dirty running shoes and gear in and, as advertised worked well and washed up like new.”

—Brandon R.

“I just got a new puppy and I ordered a beautiful puppy carrier/purse for him.  It is so nice, a heavy canvas/fabric material.  Of course I am taking my little man wherever I go.  BORSAbag is really pretty and I love the color.  It’s also HUGE, which will serve me well and will be useful to cover the puppy carrier on the outside when it is raining, or wet. Thanks so much for the suggestion! ”

—Heidi H. and Bigzbee

“The bag is wonderful! It works great for carrying extra props and accessories when I’m out shooting.”

—Nicole, A (photographer)

“I used to use a plastic bag to wrap my bag when I rode my bicycle on a rainy day for my commute. However, it breaks easily, and I wanted to get a more durable bag. Therefore, it was quite timely when I got a BORSAbag.  I decided to put the business bag inside the BORSAbag on rainy days.”
—Satoshi K., Japan

“It’s like a ball and easy to carry around. When it’s opened, it’s really big. I carry toys in it; I take it to the pool; it holds a lot of stuff. I love it!”
—Renata M., 3rd grader

We use our BORSAbag frequently as we live in No. VA and experience regular rain in the summer.  Now I’ve gained some extra tips for usage from your excellent video. You have a future on QVC with this versatile product!
Congratulations on a fine product with so many functions and styles.
—Joel C.

I love the BORSAbag.  Great quality and such a neat idea!  I like the idea of just having it there when you want a bag quickly like if you just stop at the farmers’ market or if you are at someone’s house and they give you something to carry home with you.  So many uses!  Ingenious idea!!!
—Chris O.

Let’s rally around my friend to help her get sponsorship for this fabulous product ( I did purchase one, BUY the way and I just love it, especially when I am on the go).   Please click the link below and watch the video, then like it.  You really will like it!  This is not a sales pitch, just trying to convince the potential sponsor that people have seen the product.
—Belita C.