Designer’s Bio

diane-piperGrowing up, I thought that I lived in the big city.   I grew up on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania’s capital…Harrisburg.

I remember my childhood with fond memories.  My elementary school was right behind our home; the adjacent playground provided a summer filled with activity.  The Saturday matinee (that was only .25 cents) was located just 2 blocks away; the lake that froze over in the wintertime for ice skating excursions was a short walking distance.  They had a “hot house” with a roaring fire for all of us with cold toes and hands to gain a little warmth so that we could skate for longer periods.

I spent my entire childhood and teen years in that row house in Harrisburg.  I could walk everywhere.  If not on foot, I was always riding my bike or roller skating.  It was a happy time in a nice town.  There were friends and family to enjoy and holidays to celebrate.

I married young and I am the proud mother of two wonderful children, my daughter Chris and, my son Rich.   When my children left to pursue their college careers, my marriage ended and I ventured out on my own.

My work experience was mostly administrative, some analytical.  I managed an office, worked with students and their internships, and planned events.  I enjoyed all of it, some more rewarding than the rest.  While I was still employed, I started thinking about a protective cover for my new Italian leather handbag.  I worked on my design in the evenings, and on weekends; it was always in my head.  I would wake up with a thought and get up to write it down for fear I would forget about it in the morning.

I have become a designer.  I have now ventured into the unknown.  I have no design, marketing, or PR experience to draw from.  Everything I do is brand new.  The only way that I can describe this new venture is:  “I feel as though I’m in a vast field of tall grass with my machete.  I just whack away to find my path.”  Sometimes, I find someone on my path with kind words, good suggestions, and encouragement.  This is much appreciated.  Sometimes, I find someone with negative comments, harsh suggestions, and this is difficult. I am trying to grow a thicker skin so that I can accept the harsh comments and learn from them.

Today, I am happily remarried; I have 4 grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren.  My life is wonderful!

My BORSAbag is made here in the U.S.A. and I am very proud of that. This was extremely important to me.   It took me years to find a manufacturer here in the United States. I have had so many people tell me, “You have to go off-shore, it’s too expensive.”  Do you believe in America and the people who live here?  I do.

Diane E. Piper